About Us

Founded by experienced investors, enthusiastic and knowledgeable entrepreneurs in the real estate market, R&H Group aims to become a reputable brand in real estate investment and development, focusing on high-end houses, high-class apartments, luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam’s big cities and tourist destinations.

With our continuous efforts, R&H Group has step by step become a reputable brand name in M&A, investment and development of real estate projects. Particularly, we have been considered “the anonymous director” of outstanding successful M&A deals beyond expectations recently.

We have earned steady trust of our partners by constantly striving to get the most accurate information and, with a sharp mindset, being ready to break through the challenges to turn them into opportunities on the basis of practical and professional analysis assessment.

Starting from the year of 2020 onwards, R&H Group has decided to promote activities in investment and development of real estate projects. In addition to rich experience and good cooperation with great partners, R&H Group also has the advantage of owning the most beautiful project plans in potential locations. Therefore, R&H Group is determined and will mobilize resources to develop its projects into attractive investment products, high-end residences for the elites, or the most luxury hotel & resort complexes in tourist destinations of Vietnam. Each product of those projects will open up new opportunities and is attractive enough to even the most cautious and careful investors.

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